Transfers to Methuen Massachusetts

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What a week! The week went by really quickly…as in you get to an area one day and then Sunday is tomorrow.  Methuen, MA is turning to be one of my favorite areas on my mission and is pretty close to the best (Windham, ME has the top spot). But the ward is awesome and the missionaries are excellent. The zone is only us and Lawrence (Spanish Elders) who also work in our areas. It’s a simple arrangement actually, we get the native English speakers they find, they get the native Spanish speakers we find. I might have to brush up my Spanish, which is very rusty, but it seems that the gift of tongues is evident among the Lawrence Elders and sometimes in us.

Transfers were awesome. Elder Butler is training we had to arrive earlier than everyone, and we had to go at 5:45 in the morning to pick up everyone, so the fog was ever present.

Apocalypse style fog…but we arrived in Manchester, NH with no attacks on our vehicle.
We had some fun interacting with the other missionaries who came early. We then met all the new greenies coming into the mission, and I met my mission nephew. Here’s the picture:

Yes, I’m without a suit because I left 5 minutes after this picture was taken, but it’s me, my ‘father’ (my trainer), my ‘brother’ (someone else my trainer trained), and now my ‘nephew’ (the missionary being trained by my ‘brother’). So the line continues.

We had a nice drive to the Methuen 3 Elders’ apartment (not mine) and spent some time there waiting for Elder Gassway’s new companion.

On Thursday I got pretty bad heat exhaustion despite drinking 4x the normal water intake and sunblock. But the week was pretty fast paced. Today we are going to play baseball later today, so I will have plenty of physical activity here in Lawrence.

See you next week!

Elder R Seely
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