There and back again #3

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So this week was a normal one except that we had to go to Belmont Chapel for a doctor’s appointment for my companion. Unfortunately, we had made a mistake on the date and we were there a week early. Luckily for Elder Fransen, they were able to fit him in at 11. But that meant we were there for an hour until the appointment. The Chapel is assigned to the Boston, Massachusetts Temple. So we took a trip up there and got many pictures of the outside.

This picture is the first thing you see when walking up the stairs to the temple.

I wanted to get both the angel and the temple caption in the same picture. Looks good.

Me, pointing to the angel Moroni.

The temple amidst the trees

The words that are inscribed in every temple

A Temple worker came out randomly and asked if we wanted our picture taken. We took it next to a tree that was in the front of the Temple. Afterwards he disappeared back into the Temple. We both thought it was interesting because we had tried unsuccessfully to get our iPads to take a good photo.

So the temple was pretty much the highlight of my week. In other news, the temperature has been in the high 90s all week, and I have discovered that I’m prone to get heat exhaustion every time. No sunburns yet because I have been using generous amounts of sunblock. But I’m still having trouble carrying enough water to prevent the heat exhaustion. I’m already carrying two 2-liter bottles and draining them both by the end of the day. At least I’m staying hydrated…

Anyway, have a nice week. Remember to see the miracles of the day!

Elder R Seely
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