Well, you checked your speed…

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Not too long after I write about how fast the mission was going, it always seems to return to normal speed, or in some cases slower than normal. We had a pretty uneventful week this week. It always seems to come to that around this time in the transfer; week 5 is the slowest week and week 4 is the fastest. We are wondering if maybe elder Fransen is getting transfered this time around, but we don’t know yet. We shall soon see…

Well we did have a ward activity on Saturday. We had the Ward Olympics, which is where all the quorums and auxiliaries host an event for youth and adults. At the very end we had a Jelly Bean Find. Here is one picture: the man in the middle is the Bishop and to his right is his Second Counselor.

Afterward we had lunch in which we ran out of hamburgers, so we didn’t get any meat after that (Well, I got a veggie burger, but it’s not the same…). All of those we are teaching are doing well, and all coming to church, except for yesterday… All the rides were set, and when the time came, none of our teaching pool were there. I say teaching pool because we are teaching several less-actives as well, but they didn’t come either. Oh well, try again next week.

Have a good week in the meantime!!


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