Month: September 2016

Well another week

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Another week has flown by, and more work has been done. We had a wonderful zone conference with Elders Defeo and Bennet. We have all been taught and uplifted by their words. One of the things they told us was how to become the best missionary for us. It was quite inspiring. But other than that we had a surprise visit from the zone leaders in Brewer and Newport Maine, and we had splits as well, so that night was an interesting one. Elder Sholler, Myself and Brother Adams actually went out and found a couple of new investigators who is very promising. Our schedule is filling up quickly which helps us to fulfill our purpose. We also had the opportunity to help out in our Ward refugee project this last Saturday, pictures are below. We have zone interviews in the week and general conference in the weekend. This last Sunday, I also gave a talk on why it is important to listen to and obey the prophets, a subject which is a favorite discussion item for me. Not a lot happened this week, but we hope to change that this week.

Have a good day!

Elder R Seely
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These are 10 containers of household supplies (cleaners, detergent, dishes) to go to the center where we donated to.


Spanish festival, service and the changing of leaves

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This last Saturday the Lawrence Ward holds a Spanish festival every year, and it was absolute fun, I took some good pictures and videos of some of the performances

I tried some food (shocking, I know…) from the various countries. And my stomach didn’t like it very much. Oh well…
We have two member of the quorum of seventy here in the mission, they are currently touring the upper part of the mission (Maine) tomorrow we will be going to Concord NH. So I will report on that next week.
We are at the end of the week going to be assembling kits of our own to send to another refugee organization located some what locally. That will be done on Saturday, we have been passing flyers that let the community know what we are doing. So far the response has been positive, and we hoping to have a good turn out on Saturday. Otherwise the list of things todo remains as small as I can make it, but we have a lot coming up in the next few weeks so that might pile up as we move into the transition period of the seasons. Several ward members are moving in and out, many people that we be talking to are either disappearing into home earlier or going to their native lands (Democratic Republic, Mexico, and Guatemala among others), so that leaves us with more time in the evenings to do other “area maintenance” items like clean the apt, or organize the areabook (which has been a todo for quite sometime…)
Not much else is happening so, go and have a good week!!

Elder R Seely
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New Transfer

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Well, I’m staying…
But so is my companion. He was kind of bummed because he has been here for 5 months already. Oh well, we will work until they tell us to stop anyway.

The week went by with surprising speed, I’m so glad that I have a planner that has the plans…

Monday was the Temple trip, I know that I told you…

Tuesday, we had some haircuts done, and we tried to find some less actives in North Andover.

Wednesday was district meeting. The topic was chapter 11 in Preach My Gospel. The chapter is about commitments and how to do them the most effectively.

Thursday was exchanges in the Georgetown area. I have been asking about exchanges for the last 5 weeks, so it was nice to see a different area for a day.

Friday was weekly planning almost all day because we had an appointment that unfortunately fell through. We went looking for less actives with the Elders Quorum President.

Saturday was a coordinating day with the ward mission. We had an appointment with a former this week, where we talked at long length about his experience and clarified lots of things that the previous missionaries didn’t make clear. We might be teaching in the future. We also were told that we would be staying together. More on that in a minute.

Sunday, none of the investigators came to church. Oh well. We figured out that the other Elders are closing their area down and we will absorb the area that was covered by the other elders. The Zone Leaders are opening a new area, the Georgetown sisters are shot-gunning a different part of their area and then we have a third set of missionaries to take over the Georgetown Sisters’ area. It made sense in someone’s mind, but it will never make sense on paper…

And that’s basically what happening, as I am a District Leader, I now have to keep track of the progress of 6 missionaries, 2 of whom are being trained.

So… Yeah that’s what’s happening for transfers…
Have a nice week!
Elder R Seely
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Week 6 poking and prodding (and a temple somewhere in here…)

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Ok, this one I know is late but I had the RARE oppurtunity to go the temple on today. It

You know, I have almost forgotten how much you can learn in the Temple, I think the last time I went was 2 hours before I entered the MTC, which is a pretty long time. Any bishop would be poking you with a stick asking for you to go to the temple soon. It was wonderful to partake of the special spirit of the Temple once more. I have received guidance on a host of questions that I had and wanted answers to. Overall, you all need to go because the experience is second to none.

Anyway, I’m sitting here wondering about what I could write about with that introduction…

This week we had a lot of appointments fall through for one reason or another (No time, in the middle of something, School) School actually seems to be a pretty common reason. Yes a new year started but that should mean you should have more time, not less. That is until you get to extracurricular activities, then you have less time… Oh well, more tracting and street contacting, which we already do plenty of. We want to see more of the members and help them fulfill their responsibilities, but they fall under the same category of not a lot of time. 😑 Sad but true.

So that’s life as a missionary right now. I bet missionaries are having the same troubles in other missions…

Hopefully I will not get transferred and have to relearn the flow once more.

Have a nice week!