Week 6 poking and prodding (and a temple somewhere in here…)

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Ok, this one I know is late but I had the RARE oppurtunity to go the temple on today. It

You know, I have almost forgotten how much you can learn in the Temple, I think the last time I went was 2 hours before I entered the MTC, which is a pretty long time. Any bishop would be poking you with a stick asking for you to go to the temple soon. It was wonderful to partake of the special spirit of the Temple once more. I have received guidance on a host of questions that I had and wanted answers to. Overall, you all need to go because the experience is second to none.

Anyway, I’m sitting here wondering about what I could write about with that introduction…

This week we had a lot of appointments fall through for one reason or another (No time, in the middle of something, School) School actually seems to be a pretty common reason. Yes a new year started but that should mean you should have more time, not less. That is until you get to extracurricular activities, then you have less time… Oh well, more tracting and street contacting, which we already do plenty of. We want to see more of the members and help them fulfill their responsibilities, but they fall under the same category of not a lot of time. 😑 Sad but true.

So that’s life as a missionary right now. I bet missionaries are having the same troubles in other missions…

Hopefully I will not get transferred and have to relearn the flow once more.

Have a nice week!


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