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Well, I’m staying…
But so is my companion. He was kind of bummed because he has been here for 5 months already. Oh well, we will work until they tell us to stop anyway.

The week went by with surprising speed, I’m so glad that I have a planner that has the plans…

Monday was the Temple trip, I know that I told you…

Tuesday, we had some haircuts done, and we tried to find some less actives in North Andover.

Wednesday was district meeting. The topic was chapter 11 in Preach My Gospel. The chapter is about commitments and how to do them the most effectively.

Thursday was exchanges in the Georgetown area. I have been asking about exchanges for the last 5 weeks, so it was nice to see a different area for a day.

Friday was weekly planning almost all day because we had an appointment that unfortunately fell through. We went looking for less actives with the Elders Quorum President.

Saturday was a coordinating day with the ward mission. We had an appointment with a former this week, where we talked at long length about his experience and clarified lots of things that the previous missionaries didn’t make clear. We might be teaching in the future. We also were told that we would be staying together. More on that in a minute.

Sunday, none of the investigators came to church. Oh well. We figured out that the other Elders are closing their area down and we will absorb the area that was covered by the other elders. The Zone Leaders are opening a new area, the Georgetown sisters are shot-gunning a different part of their area and then we have a third set of missionaries to take over the Georgetown Sisters’ area. It made sense in someone’s mind, but it will never make sense on paper…

And that’s basically what happening, as I am a District Leader, I now have to keep track of the progress of 6 missionaries, 2 of whom are being trained.

So… Yeah that’s what’s happening for transfers…
Have a nice week!
Elder R Seely
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