Spanish festival, service and the changing of leaves

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This last Saturday the Lawrence Ward holds a Spanish festival every year, and it was absolute fun, I took some good pictures and videos of some of the performances

I tried some food (shocking, I know…) from the various countries. And my stomach didn’t like it very much. Oh well…
We have two member of the quorum of seventy here in the mission, they are currently touring the upper part of the mission (Maine) tomorrow we will be going to Concord NH. So I will report on that next week.
We are at the end of the week going to be assembling kits of our own to send to another refugee organization located some what locally. That will be done on Saturday, we have been passing flyers that let the community know what we are doing. So far the response has been positive, and we hoping to have a good turn out on Saturday. Otherwise the list of things todo remains as small as I can make it, but we have a lot coming up in the next few weeks so that might pile up as we move into the transition period of the seasons. Several ward members are moving in and out, many people that we be talking to are either disappearing into home earlier or going to their native lands (Democratic Republic, Mexico, and Guatemala among others), so that leaves us with more time in the evenings to do other “area maintenance” items like clean the apt, or organize the areabook (which has been a todo for quite sometime…)
Not much else is happening so, go and have a good week!!

Elder R Seely
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