Month: October 2016

Fun mission changes!

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So unless im mistaken (which I don’t think, because I checked…) I did not post the big news
A new stake is being formed in the area that will be called the "Massachusetts North Shore Stake". It is part of the Massachusetts Boston Mission. Which will mean I will serve the rest of my 6 months anywhere in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. We will be losing all of our fancy tools to coordinate the work, there was once a time that iPads weren’t used though, and it will go back to that for now. But in the meantime, I have the chance of serving in two more states which will count up to 6 stars in which I served. Which is rare for a missionary. I will also serve under three mission presidents, which will be fun come Conference weekend when the mission reunions come around. But I’m grateful to serve the Lord the in more places!
Thanks for your continued support and prayers, with the faith that we exhibit, we can change the world for the better!

Elder R Seely
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Probably should get this sent…

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Well, the last week of the transfer is upon us, we are racing to get everything in order so that transfers can happen without any problems. But we have had an interesting week. Lots of calling people because poor me was sick yet again this week (it is awfully persistent, I’m still feeling it), but we got lots of appts set up for the this upcoming week. We had a wonderful time doing that, especially with me bedridden for a day, the apt got cleaned as well. It wasn’t until Wednesday that some actual missionary work got done, but it unfortunately was done in spurts throughout the day. Some of the new missionaries had a training meeting on Wednesday, so I didn’t have to teach district meeting on Wednesday (because I would not have been able to talk a lot) but I did on thursday, still didn’t talk lots…

Ok I’ll be honest, I have not been feeling a lot like emailing or writing long walls of text this week, the week was uneventful, and nothing interesting has happened. Hopefully an interesting thing happens for the transfer call. Talk to you next week!

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Week 5

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Insert big email here…

Did it work?
No, it didn’t, oh well…

Anyway, the week has been slow again, but we have transfers coming around the corner so it’s kinda nice to know what a slow week looks like before transfers throw everything out of the window of speeding time.

On Tuesday, we had exchanges with our Zone Leaders in Salisbury and for the first time in almost 2 years, I rode a bike for 6 miles. Boy, was I tired after that first ride. We were riding to Newburyport, but as we got closer to the place where we were going, we realized that we going the wrong way (almost as bad as walking 15 miles in the wrong direction back at the beginning of my mission), but we had some work that we could do, so it wasn’t a complete waste. The day was walking, riding, more walking, then a car ride to Haverhill to visit a less active member with another member. This was all Tuesday.

Wednesday was district meeting. We talked a lot about referrals and how we have been taught to help the members seek them. One problem that I feel have is not following up, so I was a big stickler about following up. I felt kinda bad afterwards but had several good comments about, so I didn’t feel too bad.

Thursday was a sick day. I had been feeling it all week but it came to a climax on Thursday. Sore throat, bad headaches (migraine?), and severe weakness in my muscles. Sounds like a cold to me, hence I stayed in bed. My companion accepted that logic and he worked on a large number of things, while I was in bed. I wasn’t completely idle myself: I made a plan of what I’m going to do when I go home, but then scrapped the plan and told myself to think about it later… other than that, I slept.

Friday, we had weekly planning all day. I can safely say that we were VERY thorough, even though we didn’t work outside a lot.

Saturday was a day of finding and the rest of weekly planning. I admit we did not complete weekly planning despite doing all day on Friday, but we didn’t have much.

Sunday was another slow day. We got assigned to clean the baptismal font for a baptism for a member family. Then we went to a farewell for another family who is moving to Colorado. And that brings us to today. Yeah emailing!!

Anyway, I’m doing better, hope to hear from you all soon!

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This week was slow except for Interviews and General Conference
Interviews was really cool but also really weird this time around, we had a zone meeting and then we went out and worked for a while, and then we came for interviews, which per usual, he was late with his interviews, we were supposed to be done at 7:30, we got done at around 9:00. We then had General conference lasting all day, in the east coast it starts at 12 and 4. But we got our miles in our car cut, so we saved the miles by staying at the church, luckily we had things that we can do for the time we had. And so that was our weekend. We have exchanges later today with the zone leaders and finally some sort of regular schedule.
Any way have a good week.

Elder R Seely
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