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Well, the last week of the transfer is upon us, we are racing to get everything in order so that transfers can happen without any problems. But we have had an interesting week. Lots of calling people because poor me was sick yet again this week (it is awfully persistent, I’m still feeling it), but we got lots of appts set up for the this upcoming week. We had a wonderful time doing that, especially with me bedridden for a day, the apt got cleaned as well. It wasn’t until Wednesday that some actual missionary work got done, but it unfortunately was done in spurts throughout the day. Some of the new missionaries had a training meeting on Wednesday, so I didn’t have to teach district meeting on Wednesday (because I would not have been able to talk a lot) but I did on thursday, still didn’t talk lots…

Ok I’ll be honest, I have not been feeling a lot like emailing or writing long walls of text this week, the week was uneventful, and nothing interesting has happened. Hopefully an interesting thing happens for the transfer call. Talk to you next week!

Elder R Seely
Sent from my Mission-Issued iPad


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