Fun mission changes!

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So unless im mistaken (which I don’t think, because I checked…) I did not post the big news
A new stake is being formed in the area that will be called the "Massachusetts North Shore Stake". It is part of the Massachusetts Boston Mission. Which will mean I will serve the rest of my 6 months anywhere in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. We will be losing all of our fancy tools to coordinate the work, there was once a time that iPads weren’t used though, and it will go back to that for now. But in the meantime, I have the chance of serving in two more states which will count up to 6 stars in which I served. Which is rare for a missionary. I will also serve under three mission presidents, which will be fun come Conference weekend when the mission reunions come around. But I’m grateful to serve the Lord the in more places!
Thanks for your continued support and prayers, with the faith that we exhibit, we can change the world for the better!

Elder R Seely
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