It’s Official

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The change is official. I’m now a missionary serving the Massachusetts Boston Mission. It was a wonderful 18 Months serving the people of Northern New England. Now I get serve the other half 😁.  I feel like a new missionary fresh out of the MTC once more as the world which I am now in is very different from the world I left. But the challenge is invigorating, the mistakes I make are amusing, but as time comes I will learn what it means to be a missionary here as well. What a wonderful time to serve!

What measure of success will I find here? What new culture do I explore? Where will I be next month? I have served in all the wonderful states of the NHMM (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts), now I have a chance for two more: Rhode Island and Connecticut, with a solid chance of serving in New Hampshire once more. I continue to learn from all that I have access to. But it presents a challenge to want to look up something, but then not having a device to look it up on (My new mission doesn’t use iPads, so I already sent mine home). Oh well, I have been needing to know the scriptures better anyway… The fun is just begun and we will see what new things I discover here in the wonderful Boston mission (Lovingly called the MBM). In any case, I love to serve, and I love the Lord. The two naturally go together right now.

I’m serving in a Spanish District right now. I somehow still have some limited command of the Spanish language (thankfully, having taken it for several years in Elementary school) but I’m learning ever so slowly. There are actually learning materials in the apt that some other missionary left behind. Yes I have taught (although very simply) in Spanish. All the investigators and members have been cheering me on, so that’s nice.

I can’t wait to see where I go now. Transfers are in two weeks.


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