We aren’t in New Hampshire anymore…

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Well, after an interesting turn of events, I was Emergency-transferred this morning. I’m already getting settled into the new area (I think…). Exciting as this is, normal transfers are just around the corner and I’m not sure if I’m going, staying, or anything of the sort. You all will hear more next week. But in the meantime…

This last week was filled with walking and walking and driving and walking. We have managed to maintain the pool of investigators that Methuen has, all the while making sure that the teaching pool in Lawrence doesn’t disappear. Not a lot of success there at the moment but we try.

On Saturday is when I got the call from the Assistants about being ET’ed (Emergency Transferred) to North Brookfield. It is in the middle of nowhere in MA (a lot like Machias in Maine). We met up with the Elders currently serving there and switched up, Elder Miller traveled back to Lawrence with another set we brought with us. We then met with another set of missionaries to switch up again. Elder Roy’s old companion went with them to another area and then we went to lunch with our District leader and his Companion (Yep, no more DL stuff for me!). And now here we are emailing friends and family. So, not a bad day so far.

Oh, new Companion: Elder Roy. He is from South Jordan. He is the oldest of 3 siblings, and has been out for ~16 months. No pictures yet, for I lost my camera (it was the Ipad).


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