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Well, the transfer has come and gone, and I’m stickin’ around in N Brookfield, MA. And that is OK! Because I dont want to learn an area quickly and then only stay for the week, but my luck has me staying with the area Vet, Elde Roy. He has been here for 6 months now! But we are having plenty of fun and getting lots of good work done. But overall, I love it out here, I dont like the city to much…



Elders Roy, Piper, Miller, and Me at the Quobbin Reservoir

Which was pretty sweet! Love it when we dedicate more temples.
Which I guess leads me to the thought of this week:
To start, let me quote from “Preparing to enter the Holy Temple”:
There are many reasons why one should want to come to the temple. Even its external appearance seems to hint of its deeply spiritual purposes. Much more is this evident within its walls. Over the door to the temple appears the tribute “Holiness to the Lord.” When you enter any dedicated temple, you are in the house of the Lord.
We are truly blessed to participate in the many ordinances that are performed in the temples of the Lord. As we strive to continually attend, we can “throw off” the influence of the adversary. One of the speakers in the dedication, Elder Randall K Bennett, mentioned how they once had to plan out their trips to the temple because of distance. Now they have to make an effort to go to a temple which is less than 5 minutes away. Strive to make the temple a center of your worship towards the Lord.
Love you all, see you next week!!
PS Sorry for blank post before…

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