Month: December 2016

Last Big Letter of the year.

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What a year! As we wind down 2016, let us remember all of the wonderful and sometimes crazy things that have happened over the year. As we come to the end, let us also remember how we got here.

In February: I was transferred from Lamoille Valley VT, after serving there for 6 weeks to serve in Waterville ME as a district leader.

In March: With the one year mark approaching and continuing to serve a district leader, I continued to work in Waterville trying my best to find those that would accept the Gospel.

April: The 1 Year mark of my mission, I have been serving as a missionary for 365 contiguous days and as a district leader for 3 months.

May: I celebrated the 20th Anniversary of my birthday with the district. A surprise birthday lunch was given and in turn I used my day to serve the Lord.

June: Elder Rasband of the Quorum of the 12 comes and speaks to our mission. He gives us many memories (and many pages of notes) and gives us is Apostolic blessing on the mission. Mission leadership training follows and many more notes are taken.

July: New Mission President arrives in the mission shortly after a transfer and switching of companions. We both serve as district leaders.

August: Another transfer. I am then transferred to Methuen, MA, having served in Waterville, ME for 4 and a half months, and still serving as a district leader.

September: Staying in Methuen, and keeping the companion, I continue to teach repentance and baptize converts (I still haven’t found that golden investigator…)

October: Odd transfer in which I get sent to a Spanish speaking area. I serve there for 3 weeks and also served the Methuen area for 5 months.

November: A new Stake was formed and from that I switch missions and get thrown into a completely foreign world (like from the MTC to the mission field)

December: Having settled in and found some form of groove, I continue to serve the Lord but in a new place.

This is my year in review, and I hope that your year in review is interesting. Have a great day, and happy new year!!!


Christmas around the corner!

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Hello friends and Family,

The Christmas season approaches with rapidness, and unfortunately so does the snow…

This Saturday, we entered into a condition called “Red Dot”. All that means is that all driving is restricted until further notice. We received over 9 in of snow over 3 hours. Here is a picture at about 3 in:


By the end, we couldn’t see the outline of a few of the cars. SO MUCH SNOW. And here is the funny part, the N Brookfield Snow plows didn’t get out till 9 AM, and even then they didn’t do a good job. In Utah the snow would be off the roads at that time. Needless to say we had trouble getting out. Around 10 we got the “red dot” and from 10 to about 4 we stayed in the apt doing productive things.

Friday for district meeting we got a nice freezehpim1793

Yes, that is 10 Degrees Fahrenheit. So cold at least it wasn’t windy…

Thursday was Zone Conference. It was the conference before Christmas and it was full of testimony and musical numbers, if we weren’t in the chapel I would have recorded it to send, but alas we were in the chapel. our zone did a number on Away in a Manager. ┬áIt was awesome. Right after we went to the temple and served there for 4 hours. I got to do all the functions in the temple from baptisms to sealings, it was a truly unique experience to go and serve the Lord in bringing salvation to all of his children.

Wednesday was interviews, per usual he was way behind. We were supposed to get interviewed at 12:00 and leave an hour later. We didn’t leave till 4. Oh well, we planned for it though which wasn’t surprising…

The week was uneventful otherwise

Skype calls are coming soon, will post some pictures and some of the questions asked while on call. Until then, stay warm stay safe and have a merry christmas.


Elder R Seely


Nativities from around the World

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So in all honesty, this week wasn’t a good week, we maybe had 10 lessons this week, but that was because we had a excellently done activity.Our branch does an activity that they call: Nativities from around the World.
They have done this for 5 years and they have had big turnouts every year, the missionaries of course jumped on this and have been there for all of the open time, talking to the various members of the community, it was a wonderful experience seeing all the nativities from all around. I will have pictures here, because, lets face it. I need pictures to remotely do justice to this actitivty. We had 320 nativities from 18 known countries (I say known because they had labels). A lot of the nativities were loaned to us by members of the communities that the branch covers, several members also had many scenes in various forms. It was an excellent experience!
Nope just found out that I can’t get you pictures, just know that I have them, I will get them up next week.

Other than that, Interivews are this week, Zone Conference is coming up this week, after that is the temple. So BAM BAM BAM Getting it all done for the season.

Have a good week!

What a week

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What a week, we had some things happen in the area. We have had most of our investigators disappear for the Christmas season, we got roped into several things which will take away lots of our weekend time. But fun fun, still totally new to the area and still confused at what is good and not. But otherwise life is good.

I’m really bad at letter writing…

But the christmas season is approaching very quickly, we have been pushing this new #LightTheWorld Initiative the church launched for the season. It gives 25 ways that you can let your light shine. For example: Today Dec 5 "Jesus Healed the Sick and So Can You". It gives suggestions on how you can do the things that Jesus Christ did. I encourage you all to participate.

Sincerely,Elder Richard Seely