Nativities from around the World

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So in all honesty, this week wasn’t a good week, we maybe had 10 lessons this week, but that was because we had a excellently done activity.Our branch does an activity that they call: Nativities from around the World.
They have done this for 5 years and they have had big turnouts every year, the missionaries of course jumped on this and have been there for all of the open time, talking to the various members of the community, it was a wonderful experience seeing all the nativities from all around. I will have pictures here, because, lets face it. I need pictures to remotely do justice to this actitivty. We had 320 nativities from 18 known countries (I say known because they had labels). A lot of the nativities were loaned to us by members of the communities that the branch covers, several members also had many scenes in various forms. It was an excellent experience!
Nope just found out that I can’t get you pictures, just know that I have them, I will get them up next week.

Other than that, Interivews are this week, Zone Conference is coming up this week, after that is the temple. So BAM BAM BAM Getting it all done for the season.

Have a good week!


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