Month: January 2017

New Schedule

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Go check out this: We can now start our day earlier and potentially get more stuff done. We have been doing this for half a week so we will see how much of an adjustment this is. Our mornings are arranged somewhat differently and p-day is now longer, now there is more cleaning and prep can be done. Planning is now in the morning as well. I wonder why they didn’t announce this sooner in my mission. Other than that we are still doing our best to find those who are prepared, we have several people who are potentials but nothing has come of it yet. We planned for week 5, My oh my is it going by quickly. I’ll be home before I know it. But in the meantime still serving the Lord!

Have a good week!


The Find-a-thon begins

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We have recently begun a find-a-thon where we will, throughout the week, focus on finding people to teach. We have been in a drought of investigators recently and we need to find more of the Lord’s elect. I don’t often do this, but I want all who read this to pray for the missionaries so that they can be led to those who are ready to receive the Gospel. You can pray for us by name if you wish but it might also benefit others who are in a similar situation. Anyway, with that out of the way…

I have just realized how far I have left to go; I have maybe 3 months left to go on my mission. That is a scary thought. Wasn’t it last week that I was in the MTC? Wasn’t it yesterday I undergoing my first transfer? Didn’t I have an iPad and a purpose with using the iPad? I have undergone a lot of changes over the last year. I won’t say that I have undergone massive personality shifts, but I have done some significant introspection as this phase comes to a close. I know it’s a ways off, but I have procrastinated before (No fun) and now seems like a good time to do it. Preparation will always beat improvisation!

Mom’s note: when we pointed out that he has closer two months left than three he said:

Don’t remind me, I’m trying to fool myself into thinking I have longer. I officially wont have 2 months until the 31st. Then I will have 2 months until the end of February. On a different note, I fooled a missionary at zone conference into thinking I had been out for 2 months (In my defense, He asked how long I had been IN the mission, I told the truth┬á­čśü). He was quite surprised when someone commented later that I had been out for 20 months, so the joke didn’t last long…

Among some of the other things that were done in the week, we had zone conference with interviews immediately afterwards. That was an interesting experience, so interesting that we didn’t finish all of the interviews yet. Still waiting on President on when he wants to do them. He is quite on a busy schedule though so we cut him some slack as long as he doesn’t cut into appointments.

Other than that, not much has happened. Weather wise, it has been an unseasonably warm week, we got a small dusting this morning but I bet its all gone now.

So have a good week!!

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Slow week V4

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Sickness always seems to force weeks to be slow.┬áThere’s┬ánot much that you can do when you are sick, just remember to do the simple things that keep you healthy,┬áso that you don’t have to worry about it.

We have been working extensively recently on helping the Branch create a mission plan for further the work of salvation in the area. We have developed a sort of how-to guide on creating an effective plan so that the most work can be done quickly and see progress as it happens. It’s been a lots of planning, typing, and prayers to get it to a point where we are about ready to present it to the Branch Council and then to the Branch at large. Overall very interesting process.

Other than that, we have been exchanging some not so nice things recently, namely sicknesses. We started with it and somehow it escaped and now the zone of missionaries has gotten it a couple of times. Oh well, nothing we can do once it escapes, but lesson learned.

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New companion

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Hello World, Welcome to the second week of 2017. With continued Co-Operation, we can keep the world turning!Or at least the gospel going forth…
But hey why not spread peace while sharing the gospel at the same time? *Sigh* I remember when we did that at one time long ago…

Anywho, I’m staying in N Brookfield (Maybe I mentioned that…) But I have gotten my new companion: Elder Crandall
Name: Elder J Crandall
Hometown: Alpine, UT
Mission Age: 17 Months
Areas in Mission: 3
Most Recent Area: Southington, CT
Companion #: 13
And that is the idea. In talking with elder roy about him, he sounded a lot like me, and he is. It’s kinda cool to interact with someone like me.
The area on the other hand has been slowing dying out in terms of investigators, we are doing very well on less active reactivations (With 4 reactivtated, and 7 at last weeks sacrement meeting) so we are going after the part member families and see where that takes us.

On to the new year!!

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During the last letter I recalled the year 2016 in review. Shortly after writing that letter, I had an interesting idea to make a picture collage of the year. So I’m beginning to work on that, I might show you all later in the month, but right now, still planning it out.

Anyway, transfers have come and gone, I’m stilling in N Brookfield for another 6 weeks, but E Roy is leaving to go to Bridgeport, CT. I will be getting an E Crandall, whom I know nothing about but that is half the fun of transfers. So we will find out more next week. The actual transfer day is on Wednesday, and we have a lot of driving to do…(ROADTRIP!!!)
We have been talking about where my last area might be and I said "If I don’t get transferred, this area will be my last" so we’ll see if thats true or not. With my track record I might have another area left… Anyway, we have lots to do in order for the transfer to go smoothly so this will be a short letter home.
Happy new year everyone!!