On to the new year!!

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During the last letter I recalled the year 2016 in review. Shortly after writing that letter, I had an interesting idea to make a picture collage of the year. So I’m beginning to work on that, I might show you all later in the month, but right now, still planning it out.

Anyway, transfers have come and gone, I’m stilling in N Brookfield for another 6 weeks, but E Roy is leaving to go to Bridgeport, CT. I will be getting an E Crandall, whom I know nothing about but that is half the fun of transfers. So we will find out more next week. The actual transfer day is on Wednesday, and we have a lot of driving to do…(ROADTRIP!!!)
We have been talking about where my last area might be and I said "If I don’t get transferred, this area will be my last" so we’ll see if thats true or not. With my track record I might have another area left… Anyway, we have lots to do in order for the transfer to go smoothly so this will be a short letter home.
Happy new year everyone!!


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