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Hello World, Welcome to the second week of 2017. With continued Co-Operation, we can keep the world turning!Or at least the gospel going forth…
But hey why not spread peace while sharing the gospel at the same time? *Sigh* I remember when we did that at one time long ago…

Anywho, I’m staying in N Brookfield (Maybe I mentioned that…) But I have gotten my new companion: Elder Crandall
Name: Elder J Crandall
Hometown: Alpine, UT
Mission Age: 17 Months
Areas in Mission: 3
Most Recent Area: Southington, CT
Companion #: 13
And that is the idea. In talking with elder roy about him, he sounded a lot like me, and he is. It’s kinda cool to interact with someone like me.
The area on the other hand has been slowing dying out in terms of investigators, we are doing very well on less active reactivations (With 4 reactivtated, and 7 at last weeks sacrement meeting) so we are going after the part member families and see where that takes us.


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