Slow week V4

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Sickness always seems to force weeks to be slow. There’s not much that you can do when you are sick, just remember to do the simple things that keep you healthy, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

We have been working extensively recently on helping the Branch create a mission plan for further the work of salvation in the area. We have developed a sort of how-to guide on creating an effective plan so that the most work can be done quickly and see progress as it happens. It’s been a lots of planning, typing, and prayers to get it to a point where we are about ready to present it to the Branch Council and then to the Branch at large. Overall very interesting process.

Other than that, we have been exchanging some not so nice things recently, namely sicknesses. We started with it and somehow it escaped and now the zone of missionaries has gotten it a couple of times. Oh well, nothing we can do once it escapes, but lesson learned.


Me taking apart something
Zone Pday Mafia Game (W/ Me as moderator)
Really Expensive Subway menu
Us driving in a Snow storm (we were going home)
Zone Meeting Picture (Everyone parked like this)
So we took it as a picture
Zone devotional

Hope you all have a good week!


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