Month: February 2017

Week 2 of 6

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Another week down, and I was reminded by my family that I now have 31 days left on my mission. What a crazy thought that my mission is coming to a close. It almost seems like it going by quickly, but in the moment it doesn’t seem that way. But I have thought about a couple of things. I was asked by a member family this last week to talk about some of my experiences. It was kind of nice to talk about it with them a little bit, practice for when my family asks me in person if you will, while I was doing that I talked a lot on the Christlike attribute of charity. It was interesting to me because I have studying it lately as well as diligence. Both are linked in a unique way because you need to have charity for the people to begin with, but you need to have diligence (and patience) to maintain that love and charity. I made that link that morning and I shared it with this family. They said that that was interesting and that they would look at it further. So even in my “old age” I still have tricks up my sleeve. Many of the tricks that I have learned will certainly carry into the other aspects of my life. I am coming closer to the model that I thought I could never achieve. Some of the other aspects of life that have been positively impacted is that I have learned skills that have improved my social skills. I could go into long detail about the things I have learned, but those can easily be subjects for other emails. ;)Anyway, it has certainly has been a overall positive experience, loved every moment of it (Well, most of them.)


5 Weeks left

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Wow. I can’t believe we have finally gotten to this point in my mission. Has it really been almost 2 years since I have left? Well, Yeah it has, and it has gone by quick. While I still have this time though, I will still gladly serve the Lord.

I have a new companion to introduce. His name is Elder Dalsasso, and he is from Draper, Utah. He is Brazilian and speaks a little Portuguese. He is also serving as a district Leader in the area. We live in a 4 elder apt with Elders Davis and Girardelli, who is also going home with me. So we are both (Me and E Girardelli) doing our best to focus on completing our missions and having a bit of fun along the way.

We have lots we still have to do, so this will be another short one, but I hope you all have a good week!!


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I’m being transferred again! The tradition of moving to every which place continues. I have had way too many areas to count and more companions than I wish to count. But this is the final stretch of my mission, entering the last six weeks of my mission. My family awaits my return and they have set up a count til I come home. My mom told me we are at 45 days. Watch it go by quickly…

In other news, we have been on our 4th week of finding new people to teach, but now that we are leaving, it is up to the sisters that are replacing us to follow-up. Oh, I probably ought to mention that we have 14 missionaries coming into the mission, 12 of which are sisters. That’s a lot of sisters, and only so many areas to put them in. But I will be going to Framingham, MA for my final 6 six weeks.

Because I am so close to the end of my mission, I ask that no more packages be sent to me for the rest of my mission, I don’t know if the mission will refer mail back to me when I go home.

We had 2 terrifically terrible storms this weekend (Which explains in part why this is an early send out) which have dropped 4 ft over 3 days. The snow is part of 2 storm systems that originated from different areas of the country. We did get snowed in and were red-dotted both times. They occurred on Thursday and Saturday-Sunday.

As a side note, our Zone Leaders have a video that a member posted to facebook this last week. It went Viral pretty quickly, the link is here if you want to see and reshare.

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Elder Seely running the snow blower on friday
Playing in the snow