Week 2 of 6

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Another week down, and I was reminded by my family that I now have 31 days left on my mission. What a crazy thought that my mission is coming to a close. It almost seems like it going by quickly, but in the moment it doesn’t seem that way. But I have thought about a couple of things. I was asked by a member family this last week to talk about some of my experiences. It was kind of nice to talk about it with them a little bit, practice for when my family asks me in person if you will, while I was doing that I talked a lot on the Christlike attribute of charity. It was interesting to me because I have studying it lately as well as diligence. Both are linked in a unique way because you need to have charity for the people to begin with, but you need to have diligence (and patience) to maintain that love and charity. I made that link that morning and I shared it with this family. They said that that was interesting and that they would look at it further. So even in my “old age” I still have tricks up my sleeve. Many of the tricks that I have learned will certainly carry into the other aspects of my life. I am coming closer to the model that I thought I could never achieve. Some of the other aspects of life that have been positively impacted is that I have learned skills that have improved my social skills. I could go into long detail about the things I have learned, but those can easily be subjects for other emails. ;)Anyway, it has certainly has been a overall positive experience, loved every moment of it (Well, most of them.)


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