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Last week.

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I’m calling this the last mass email of my mission. Next Monday I will email the family and then pack for the rest of the time, So this is the last one. It has been a fun ride to go through the mission. I have learned many skills that I don’t think that I could have developed anywhere else. During the last few weeks I have been doing a course that will help me transition to normal life. Some of the questions that it asked I feel are appropriate to put here.
What are the most important spiritual truths the Lord has taught you?
The Gospel is one eternal round of progression with simple truths that a small child can understand, but complex enough to spend a lifetime studying. In short, you will never reach the end of gospel knowledge. Testimony is a powerful thing when used in conjunction with the Holy Scriptures The Scriptures are the one and only truth that is in the world, the words of prophets and apostles are included in this.
How will you continue your scripture study habits after you return home?
What will I study?
I will study the Book of Mormon and Jesus the christ, as well as reading the bible from time to time.
When will I study?
Mornings or evenings
How long will I study?
30 mins, and when I have a spare moment
At home, what kinds of activities will you participate in to help you keep the Sabbath day holy?
Family history, I have plenty to learn on my family
What are your goals for participating in temple and family history work?
Attending the temple at least twice a month
How will you continue to give service after returning home?
Temple attendance, and helping fulfill callings in the ward.

At the end of the last course, it says:
Picture that person in your mind.
Write a purpose statement for your life that will inspire you to work hard and seek God’s help to become the person He knows you can be. The missionary purpose from Preach My Gospel is a strong sample statement.
The purpose and statement I wrote is:
My purpose will continue to change as I receive new light into my life. How that will occur is continuing to read the scriptures, listen to the counsel of our priesthood leaders, and daily prayer. I know that I as I do these things, I will come understand the deepest of God’s mysteries and gain salvation and exaltation in God’s kingdom.